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Welcome to the Golden Designs Dealer Program!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Golden Designs, Inc. Dealer.  Once your company has been approved you will gain access to your sauna products and dealer pricing.    We do ask that you keep 3 saunas in inventory.  We regularly dropship directly to your customers at your request.  When you register, Please download the dealer agreement, pricing, and brochure information you need to get started.   
All dealers receive discounted rates on shipping when you purchase 6 saunas to one location.     I have attached our dealer agreement, pricing, and the Pro 6 sauna line brochure.
A Little About Us:

Golden Designs, Inc. is the largest American manufacturer and importer of infrared saunas in the country.  We own all 3 of our manufacturing facilities in China and have implemented all American manufacturing standards in our facilities since 2007.  We manufacture heaters and saunas for many of our competitors.  We offer the highest quality saunas at the most affordable prices.  We import 25,000 saunas each year and have an inventory of 8,000 to 10,000 saunas at any one time.  An infrared sauna is not just a luxury item but an effective therapy for a multitude of medical conditions.  As such we use only non-toxic glues and stains, hypoallergenic Grade A Canadian Hemlock wood, and the newest Near-Zero EMF Far Infrared Heater Technology that will maximize the health benefits of a far infrared sauna in the shortest period of time.   

Golden Designs wants you to be successful with saunas as a valuable profit center for your business.  We are here to support you and your customers with any questions that may arise and we are already prepared to start sending clients your way.

Top Selling Point over other brands.
  • Golden Designs is simply the largest Infrared Sauna manufacturer in the country we offer all your clients a full 5-year warranty where we pay for parts and shipping for 5 years including power supply box, thermostat, control panel, heating panels, and light bulbs.    Everything that makes the sauna a working sauna is warrantied.
  • Our heaters have the newest Near-Zero EMF heater technology with a lifespan of 20,000 hours or an hour a day for 50 years.  Golden Designs has narrowed the bandwidth of all our far infrared heaters to emit 8 to 10 microns of far infrared light and 87% of the time it is at 9.4 microns exactly.  Why is this important?  Because your body produces far infrared light in the form of body heat at exactly 9.4 microns in the form of body heat.  We are literally manufacturing body heat in a far infrared sauna and charging your body with its own energy so it has all the energy it needs to bring itself to a level of homeostasis.
  • We carry the newest technology in the sauna industry from Near Zero EMF far infrared heaters, Full-Spectrum Near-Infrared heaters, and our newest Himalayan Salt saunas.  We even offer steam saunas.
  • We use only the preferred hypo-allergenic Grade A Canadian Hemlock wood as it has a higher crushing strength than cedar and has the unique ability to get harder as it ages.  We cherry-pick the best grains to construct the Pro 6 series of saunas.
Top 3 reasons Golden Designs is the best partner for you.
  • The sheer size of Golden Designs ensures you will always have products and support for your customers.
  • Golden Designs wants you to succeed and will send buyers to you and support you and your staff to answer common questions and concerns.
  • Customer support.  Once you have taken the order, your job ends and ours begins.  We drop ship the sauna to the customer and we field all product and tech support questions.  We are always available.  If you or your customer has questions or a problem, Golden Designs is here to support you and will answer and address all customer support and technical questions.
Sauna season is just now kicking off and we would like to add you to our list of dealers to drive customers to your store to buy the saunas you add to your inventory.
I look forward to working with you.

Katie Hopkins
Golden Designs, Inc.

Tel: 303.359.2434 | Fax: 909-212-5550
3550 Jurupa Street, Unit B,
Ontario, CA 91761


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